The night view implementation plan of Jinjiang Second Sports Center

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Project summary

Jinjiang Second Sports Center is located in Chendai Town, in the core area of Quanzhou Bay, adjacent to Jinjiang International Shoe Textile City, east to Shoe Textile City artificial lake, west to Shoe Textile City Avenue, north to Jinjiang Yu No. 3 Road, south To Shuanglong Road. The project has a total land area of 353 acres and a construction area of 188,000 square meters, which can accommodate up to 15,000 spectators. It is the opening and closing ceremonies and some important competition venues of the 18th World Middle School Games in 2020. The buildings mainly include gymnasiums, swimming pools, training halls and athletes' living areas, as well as basketball parks, national fitness areas, commerce, parking garages, etc.

As a major venue for world-class sports events, a good night view lighting is not only an important window to promote the image of the city and express the spirit of the event, but also provide citizens and tourists with refreshing and exciting pictures. This lighting design makes full use of the structural characteristics of the venue itself, showing the enthusiasm, tolerance, international sentiment and sportsmanship of Quanzhou Jinjiang City.

design description

The essence of night scene lighting is to use light to shape the night image of the city, shape the city card, and beautify the city image. At the same time, it is also an important indicator of the development level of a city, which can more promote the development of the city's economy.

According to the language of the building itself and the surrounding environment, in addition to achieving basic functional lighting, we should also emphasize the following points: highlight the key points; pay attention to the echo of the part and the whole; emphasize the artistry and aesthetics.

design concept

The main gymnasium of Jinjiang No. 2 Sports Center is like two pearls in the undulating sea. This lighting design uses the entire sports center to form an overall landscape belt, in-depth analysis of the characteristics of each block and the primary and secondary relationship of the landscape system, through the use of lighting and artistic techniques will highlight the sports center design theme and the artistic characteristics of the landscape, so that the building can achieve Combination of scenery and scenery. As a landmark building of a city, it is a display platform for the city's humanistic spirit, development strength, and regional features. It should be refreshing and impressive. It can display wonderful pictures from all angles; animation effects and colors should be rich and diverse It has distinctive features and is comfortable and natural to avoid monotony.

Night scene lighting should have a certain economic effect and provide impetus for urban economic development; it needs to have strong applicability, long-term use and quick adjustments in special periods; the coordination and whiteness of the landscape system should not be destroyed in the selection and installation of lamps. The scenery is beautiful, the lamps and lanterns are integrated into the building, complementing each other to add the finishing touch, the lamps used and the construction and installation need to be safe and environmentally friendly, grasp the concept of green lighting, choose low-energy and high-efficiency lamps, and rationally use the lights The light reaches the place where it is needed, and the open mode is diversified.

Effect and function realization

Fixture selection and installation method

Combining the installation method, lighting angle, light color, control method, glare control, white scene combination and other factors, select the lamps that meet the requirements and then go through the field test. Finally, it is determined to use the Origen Genie series lamps. Its superior anti-glare function can The glare is well controlled to make the scene environment comfortable and natural. The multi-angle light distribution can evenly illuminate even if the building structure is diverse. The beautiful structure appearance design and the architectural color tones minimize the light and the environment Obtrusive, convenient installation design greatly improves assembly efficiency.

The lamps are installed on the spot using the pole long-projection method, and each pole is installed with 10 sets of lamps. The top 6 sets of 100WRGBW lamps use 3 angle light distribution methods, corresponding to the three positions of high, medium and low buildings. Superior light distribution makes light The illumination is uniform and comfortable on the building, and there will be no exposure points, uneven connections, and uneven overall brightness of the building. The glare of road lighting is a concern. It can reduce people's experience and mood, but it is not conducive to safety. Ou Ruijie has studied the anti-glare function of lamps and has rich experience and achievements, and has applied the results to the wizard series of lamps. Therefore, the functional lighting around the venue abandoned traditional street lights and courtyard lights, and added double rows of 4 lights on the architectural floodlight poles for road functional lighting to ensure the overall uniform appearance. Use 3000K warm white light to illuminate the road bright and warm, with multiple lights in one pole. This saves installation space and reduces installation and maintenance costs.

Unified control, unified lighting, unified color, unified change, unified theme to achieve the control requirements of "press one button to the end", the Internet remote real-time override is fast and convenient, and the effect can be customized according to various holidays and special events.

Show results

Using a combination of multiple modes, environmental protection and energy saving, weekday mode, we will combine the lighting holes of the gymnasium and the outside floodlights to make an overall color change. There are 7 color changes under the weekday mode, which reflect the original natural 7 In the major event holiday mode, some animations will be combined with specific events and specific festivals. Some animation effects will be presented under this lighting background, and some animation editing and display will be combined with the characteristics of the event. . Looking down from above, it looks like two moon pearls in the undulating sea, and sometimes it can look like a vast starry sky. When you look from the side, the flowing lights are like a flowing jade river winding on the jade pearls, making them more colorful.


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