Ourijie illuminates the China pavilion at the 2019 world horticultural exposition in Beijing, China

By:ORJ Ourijie lightingTime:2019-06-12

1Project background

The 2019 China Beijing world horticultural exposition (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing world horticultural exposition"), located in the southwest of yanqing district, Beijing, officially opened on April 28, 2019. Beijing, a total area of 960 hectares, the park planning roll over 162 days, will be theme of "green life, beautiful home," five vice theme of "green development, gardening, harmony, blossom in life, education and future, spiritual home", the vision for the "make gardening blend in nature, natural touched hearts", will target for the "world garden new state and the model of ecological civilization".


One of the main venues of the expo, the China pavilion, in accordance with the exhibition concept of "endless life, splendid China", combines static display with dynamic interpretation, and echoes the real flower art with virtual artistic conception. Focused in gardening as the carrier China's ecological culture, China's 31 provinces horticulture industry, ecological civilization construction and the forefront of scientific research colleges and universities to explore achievements, showing Chinese flower arrangement is an art that intangible cultural heritage, create Chinese gardening industry development achievements and high-tech display platform of scientific and technological achievements, create a new era of China construction beautiful achievement demonstration window, building garden ecological cultural inheritance innovation communication space in China. As an important part of the China pavilion, landscape lighting can highlight the personality of the building, highlight the charm of the building, shape the beauty of science and art, and add more ornamental value to the pavilion.

2. Design concept

"Relying on the rigorous lighting technology, the verve of architectural space is constructed in an artistic way." 

The China pavilion is a semi-circular building, with most of the exhibition halls covered by a large earth-covered building called a terrace, which blends in with the landscape, while the insulation of the soil keeps the building warm in winter and cool in summer. Above the terraces, a golden steel roof will reveal a display of exotic flowers and plants from all over the country. 

The roof of the building is inspired by "such as ornix, such as huosfei". Stylist explains, these two lines of poem describe ancient building roof slightly warped, resemble a bird to spread a wing to be same lightsome. The design of the China pavilion is inspired by the traditional Chinese method of bracket and tenon and tenon, and the use of contemporary technology to create a giant gold roof. 

The lights are combined with the building in a variety of ways, so that the structural features of the building are not destroyed and integrated into the building as a whole. The architectural charm and design art are displayed through light at night.

2. Effect of rendering

The lamps selected for the project are lamps that have passed multiple rounds of on-site testing and have been unanimously approved by multiple evaluations. The visitors to the expo are from all over the world, so all aspects of the venue are designed around the theme of Chinese characteristics and the expo, and strive to leave a deep impression on the visitors.

The roof ridge lighting adopts ourijie lighting L02A series, with a warm color temperature of 3000K. The shape of the lamp is square and the style of the building is similar to that of the water spout, which can be well combined with the building to highlight the characteristic charm of the building structure.

Walking outside the pavilion, you can see the two sides of the walkway, which are lined with upright lamp posts. On the top of the lamp posts, there are lamps with distinctive features. This lamp comes from the "stars" series of garden lights newly launched by oriel. Its simple and thin appearance, looking like a piece of thin paper embedded in the blue sky, the night sky under a piece of warm light, like hanging in the sky of the stars, walking in the path of pedestrians to illuminate the road, guide tourists to another wonderful scene.

"The spirit people are always warmly welcomed when they appear in human settlements. They cherish the simple beauty of nature, such as longevity, nobility, elegance and beauty. The Ourijie "spirit" series according to uphold the spirit of lineages tree lights, a concise noble appearance, in the botanical garden of nowhere not reveal its elegant, excellent quality control embodies its longevity, rooted in the trees and flowers in the garden house, night use light magic to trees put on each color clothes, bring human profusion colour. "Spirit" series lighting has been upgraded into a new generation, "ten advantages, fifteen applications", the data and performance are improved and optimized.

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